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Experienced And Skilled Legal Representation

Attorney Richard A. Amdur Jr. has been helping people in his community with their legal needs for more than 30 years. As a neighborhood lawyer, Mr. Amdur takes great pride in being able to help his community with a broad range of legal needs. He guides clients through the challenges of family law matters, pursuing compensation in personal injury claims, and defending their rights in criminal defense cases.

He also helps clients in more niche areas, such as:

Landlord-Tenant Disputes – Attorney Amdur represents both landlords and tenants in eviction proceedings, discrimination claims and all other types of disputes for both residential and commercial properties.

Money Scams – If you or a loved one lost money because of auto dealer fraud, investment schemes, identity theft or consumer fraud, you may be able to file a claim to recover your losses. Attorney Amdur can help you seek justice against those who took your money.

Power of Attorney (POA) – In New Jersey, the rights of the individual are highly protected. For example, spouses do not have authority to make legal decisions for each other if one of them should become incapacitated. Without a power of attorney, you have to go to the Superior Court of New Jersey to file a guardianship application. Attorney Amdur can help you acquire both financial and medical POAs to protect finances and make sure health care decisions are carried out according to your loved one’s wishes.

Wrongful Termination – New Jersey is an “at will” state, meaning that employers can fire you for no reason at all. However, they cannot fire you for discriminatory or retaliatory reasons. If you suspect this has happened to you, Mr. Amdur can help.

Attorney Amdur takes the time to understand your unique needs in your claim, allowing him build the strategy you need to secure the outcome you deserve.

Trust In Our Legal Guidance

If you need a lawyer you can trust to fight for you, contact Richard A. Amdur, Jr., for your free initial consultation. Call his firm at 732-970-6750 or send an email to schedule your initial consultation today.